TC Accountancy & Advisory, a subsidiary of Tax Consult SA, is a renowned company located in the heart of Brussels. Our pragmatic and personalized approach are the two pillars on which our company is based. Trust and competence are our watchwords.

The Accountancy & Advisory department, under the aegis of Kris Vanhinsbergh, Marie-Lise Swinne, Philippe Vandevoorde and Mickael Tatayas, provides accounting and tax expertise to individuals and businesses in a national and international context.

Tax Consult Accountancy & Advisory is organized into three departments:

  • The Fiduciary Department provides accounting and tax services to SMEs, the self-employed and private individuals. Its team strives to be the right arm of the client and to accompany him in all his professional and patrimonial projects.
  • The International Department provides accounting and tax services to companies of varying sizes involved in cross-border transactions. Its team has a thorough understanding of group issues, a risk management approach and is the guardian of compliance with accounting and tax obligations.
  • The VAT Department provides VAT and customs services. Its team’s mission is to respond to the VAT concerns of all businesses, whether they are operating on a national or international level or within a group.

We have a large network of external experts in legal, notarial and advisory matters allowing us to support our clients in a broad spectrum of expertise.

Tax Consult is part of the Alliott Global Alliance Group, the sixth largest multidisciplinary alliance in the world of independent professional service companies. As a member firm, we provide access to professional tax, accounting, audit, legal and specialized services.

Meet the team



Kris Vanhinsbergh

Kris started her career at Tax Consult in 2000 and was appointed Accounting and Auditing Department Manager in 2008.

She became a partner in 2009 and has managed the Accounting and Auditing Department ever since. Kris is Managing Partner since September 2023.

Kris holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting-Taxation and a Master’s degree in Commercial Sciences. She has been a member of the ITAA (Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants) as accounting-tax adviser since 2006 and has been, in 2013, appointed “Quality Auditor” by the ITAA.

Kris leads the Fudiciary Department together with Philippe Vandevoorde, which provides accounting and tax services to SMEs, self-employed and individuals.


Marie-Lise Swinne

After working for 6 years in the Tax Department of Arthur Andersen, Marie-Lise joined Tax Consult in 1996 and became a partner in 2006. She is now head of the International Tax Department. She has a special affinity for group taxation as well as for mergers and acquisitions.

Marie-Lise holds a master’s degree in law, business law and tax law. She has been a member of the ITAA (Institute for Tax Advisors and Accountants) as a certified tax advisor since 2002 and obtained the additional “external director” certification in 2015.

Marie-Lise leads the International Department which provides accounting and tax services to companies of various sizes with cross-border transactions.


Mickael Tatayas

After working in the VAT departments of big4 firms and other specialized Tax Consulting firms in Belgium and in Luxembourg, Mickael joined Tax Consult as VAT Director in 2017 and became a Partner in 2021. Mickael is in charge of the VAT department of Tax Consult and, since April 2018, he is also Head of European VAT of Alliott Global Alliance, the international network of Tax Consult.

Mickael has authored numerous books and articles in the field of VAT and is a regular lecturer for Belgian Associations of Chartered Accountants as well as for Universities. He is regularly invited as speaker for public and private seminars.

Mickael holds a Master’s degree in law from the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, participated to the special Master’s degree in Tax from the Solvay Brussels School in Belgium and to the special Master’s degree in tax of the University of Luxembourg. He also holds Master’s degree in customs from the University of Liège.

Mickael leads the VAT department which provides VAT and customs services.


Philippe Vandevoorde

 Philippe Vandevoorde joined Tax Consult in April 2022 after serving as Director Tax and Legal Services at Moore Finance & Tax. However, Philippe has already been part of Tax Consult for 6 years.

Holder of a master’s degree in economics and ITAA member as a certified tax advisor, Philippe Vandevoorde holds academic positions at the “Fiscale Hogeschool” in Brussels and acts as a speaker for various seminar organizers. He has also contributed to numerous professional publications.

Philippe is currently running the Fiduciary Department together with Kris Vanhinsbergh, which provides accounting and tax services to SMEs, self-employed and private individuals.

Our team

Marwan El Ghorfi
Junior Accountant
Xavier Hainaut
Accounting Manager
Florian Nelis
Tax Consultant
Alexandra Boulengier
Senior VAT Consultant
Véronique Efutu-Ashimba
Accounting Assistant
Raffaël Demeuldre
Laurent Lecluselle
Senior Accountant
Luis Santos Coutinho
Senior Accountant
Hamza Saoudi
Junior Accountant
Alberto Ocampo
Thomas Fontaine
Junior Accountant
Valentine Polus
Junior Tax Consultant
Glenda Galano
Administrative Assistant
Kimberley Lombaerts
Dorian Christiaens
Junior VAT Consultant
Eric Vannerom
Matthias Tierny
Junior Accountant
Erekle Mikhelidze
Junior Tax Consultant
Thibault Bayet
Junior VAT Consultant
Louis Masson
Aurélie Jacquet de Haveskercke
Junior Accountant
François Delatte
Senior Tax Consultant
Tatiana Telles
Administrative Assistant
Geoffrey De Backer
Senior Accountant
Atieh Amani
Accounting Manager
Jimmy Onema
Emmanuel Brunin
Senior VAT Consultant
Benoît Cuvelier
Accounting Director
Catherine Agneessens
Accounting Manager
Capucine Piens
Expert Tax
Tamia Landauro
Director Tax
Anne Georges
VAT Director
Brigitte Verschueren
Tax Expert
Marc Bressel
Tax Manager
Thomas Degrève
Accounting Manager
Christelle Thiry
VAT Manager
José Fernandez Rodriguez
Senior Accountant
Tania Van Strydonck
Senior Accountant
Prescillia Bogaerts
Accounting Supervisor
Edisona Leku
Junior Accountant
Julie Cinque
Accounting Supervisor
Vinciane Bamps
Senior Accountant
Bernard Charlier
Senior Accountant
Samantha Gecer
Supervisor Accountant
Olivier Thibaut
Mohamed-Saïd Boufraquech
Accounting Expert
Ioana Anastasiu
Expert Accountant
Bernard Delfosse
Accounting Expert
Anaïs Clabaut
Senior Accountant
Maria Faddeeva
Senior Accountant
Frédérique Deckers
Senior Accountant